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Mon, 04 Dec 2023 (2:00 pm - 5:00 pm)

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The Developing the Role of a Prescription Clerk web workshop is aimed at practice managers, receptionists and administrative staff with a background knowledge and experience of Medicines Management within General Practice. The module aims to further expand and develop the skills of those members of non-clinical staff who wish to take a lead in this area within the practice and undertake of the role of a ‘prescription clerk’. The module focusses on the areas of compliance with medicines and medicines waste and offers the learner the practical opportunity to practice application of the knowledge that they have developed in these areas. After undertaking the training, learners will have an increased awareness of the process of repeat prescribing, the monitoring requirements for some common medicines and will be able to discuss the problems encountered when prescribing antibiotics. The course will also provide them with the opportunity to gain practical skills in identifying therapeutic duplication, over and under use of medicines and problems encountered with discharge prescriptions.  Furthermore, learners will be given time to discuss some of the common problems that they regularly experience, to develop their customer care and audit skills, to network with their peers and to develop action plans that can be implemented in their workplaces to develop the role of a ‘Prescription Clerk’.  


Prescription Clerk

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SNEE Training Hub

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